World-class dining and fitness facilities in a stylish setting. An exclusive, international community in downtown Tokyo.

Membership of Tokyo American Club Nihonbashi offers all this and more.

Members of both Tokyo American Club and Tokyo American Club Nihonbashi have full access to the Nihonbashi clubhouse.

Membership of Tokyo American Club Nihonbashi is open to adults only and is limited to the Nihonbashi premises.

There are two types of membership: single and couple.


An excellent value for joining the community.

  • Entrance fee: ¥750,000 (Company entrance fee: ¥1,000,000)
  • Application fee: ¥33,000
  • Refundable deposit: ¥100,000
  • Monthly dues: ¥17,500 (single) | ¥26,250 (couple)
Company Transfer
  • Company transfer fee: ¥400,000
  • Application fee: ¥33,000
  • Monthly dues: ¥17,500 (single) | ¥26,250 (couple)
  • Monthly company membership vacant fee: ¥15,750
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Membership fees are subject to change without notice.

Additional Benefits

Membership includes other advantages.

  • Up to four hours free parking at Nihonbashi Muromachi Mitsui Tower.
  • Access to more than 150 private clubs worldwide through Tokyo American Club’s reciprocal club network.
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Terms & Conditions

Other Club considerations.

  • Duration of membership is unlimited.
  • Nihonbashi resident membership is not transferable.
  • Adults only.
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Behind the Design

Architect Daishi Yoshimoto—the designer behind Tokyo American Club Nihonbashi—explains how the interior elements help to create a warm, stylish environment and a sense of continuity.